Mpath Life provides Adult Training and Therapeutic Services to aid in the development of good health practices and practical solutions to Physical and Mental ill Health.

Adult Training: Mental Health First Aid (MHFA England)
Therapy: Three Stage Therapy System
Instruction: Taichi/Chi Kung

MHFA Adult Training

As Mental Health First Aiders: You will learn how to spot the signs and symptoms of a range of mental health issues. You will be taught how to provide help to someone on a first aid basis and effectively guide the person towards the right support services.
Our Instructors deliver MHFA England's Adult Training Course that has been designed to fit into four manageable sections over two days.
These are:
  • Day 1 Morning: mental Health First Aid, mental health, and depression
  • Day 1 Afternoon: depression (cont.) and suicidal crisis
  • Day 2 Morning: anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders and self harm
  • Day 2 Afternoon: psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
In each section students learn how to:
  • Preserve Life
  • Spot the early signs of a mental health issue
  • Feel confident helping someone experiencing a mental health issue
  • Provide help on a first aid basis
  • Help prevent someone from hurting themselves or others
  • Help stop a mental health issue from getting worse
  • Help someone recover faster
  • Guide someone towards the right support
  • Reduce the stigma of mental health issues.

  • The Adult MHFA training is completed over two full days.
  • The sessions will be a mix of presentations, discussions, and group work activities.
  • Each course is run with between 8 - 16 people.
  • Everyone who attends the course will receive a copy of the MHFA manual and workbook.
  • When you have completed the course you will receive Certification by MHFA England to confirm that you are a trained Mental Health First Aider.

If you are an Organisation or Company wishing to run a full course or need further information, please fill in the Contact form.

If you are an individual who would like to attend a course and there are no available spaces advertised , please do Contact Us with your details and we will find a course running that has places available in your area.

Evidence Based Training program

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an international mental health awareness and skills programme developed in Australia in 2001 and now internationally recognised in 23 countries. Globally, almost two million people have been trained in MHFA skills. MHFA came to England in 2007 and was developed and launched under the Department of Health: National Institute of Mental Health in England (NIMHE) as part of a national approach to improving public mental health.

Repeated evaluations have shown that the skills learnt on MHFA courses:
  • Increase both knowledge and confidence in how to support someone experiencing a mental health issue
  • Improve attitudes towards mental health issues, reducing stigma whilst normalising mental ill health to promote more empathetic approaches
  • Are used by between 68.5% - 88% of Mental Health First Aiders if they encounter someone experiencing mental ill health after attending a course, with many providing support to more than one person
  • Have a direct positive impact on attendees’ own mental health and wellbeing, with many reporting an increased ability to manage their own mental health.

Fessey, V., James, G., Pengelly, T., Mental Health First Aid: equipping the nurses of the future. British Journal of Nursing (August 2016)
The study concluded that the introduction of MHFA training into current nursing curricula is a step towards encouraging nursing students to develop a more person centred approach to care.

Hadlaczky, G., Hokby, S., Mkrtchian, A., Carli, V., Wasserman, D., Mental Health First Aid is an effective public health intervention for improving knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour: a meta-analysis. International Review of Psychiatry (August 2014)
A meta-analysis of international MHFA evaluations conducted in 2014 found that MHFA programmes increase participants’ knowledge regarding mental health, decrease negative attitudes, and increased supportive behaviours towards individuals with mental health issues.
The meta-analysis concluded that MHFA is recommendable as a public health intervention.



Filling in the medical history form and a discussion of goals for the treatment
Tongue and pulse diagnosis

Three Stage Therapy System


We will asses you present state of alignment and mobility.

• Looking at muscle function
• Joint articulation
• Myo fascia condition
• Bone configuration both static and within movement
• Energy pattern and level recognition


Together we will devise a body plan and apply the treatment process to get you pain free and performing better.

• Myo fascia release and unwind
• Accupoint activation
• Joint manipulation and stretching
• Bone pressure release
• Energy reroute and pattern release


Aftercare and ongoing guide to self help.

• Releasing exercises
• Calming mind techniques
• Deeper understanding of body awareness
• Energy deficiency and excess patterns
• Body listening techniques


A treatment at Mpath life is similar to a good workout and can be quite rigorous. You may feel some soreness or slight discomfort following a session, this is perfectly normal and will subside over the subsequent few days. With any realignment there is a stage of resettling and resting needed. As you get used to the techniques this recovery period will become more recognisable and doable as with any kind of workout for the body.


Sessions are either 1 or 2 hours in duration

1 Hr Session = £50.00
2 Hr session = £80.00
3 x 1 hr sessions = £120.00

First session please give 20 minutes extra for taking down your medical history, if you have not completed previously.
Treatments are undertaken fully clothed.
What to Wear? sports wear, leggings, jog bottoms, shorts, t-shirt, long sleeved cotton shirts.

All you do now is book up and experience the transforming power of Mpath Life.



Studies and practises Yang style Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Tui na Therapeutic Massage Techniques and Thai Yoga Massage..


I am a qualified Instructor for Master Ding Academy (MDA) teaching the traditional Yang Style Tai chi and Qigong as past on through the 6th Generation Yang Style Master – Master Ding.

I continually study and train under Master Ding and one of his Senior students Sifu Nick Cheang, as well as creating other training opportunities within the MDA network of Tai Chi Practitioners. I am very dedicated and passionate about receiving and passing on the true transmission of the art as understood by this lineage of Yang style Tai Chi.

As with my Tai chi I take great importance in continually practising and refining my own ability within my therapies that I provide. I study TCM and Tui Na with Maria and Graham Mercati where I further my knowledge and application of the techniques.

These Ancient Arts have been practised and refined for hundreds if not thousands of years and hold great potential for understanding and healing.

I offer treatments and classes applying the principles and practises of these great complimentary Arts. My friendly intuitive treatments will guide the client through a deeper understanding of how to achieve and maintain a higher level of good health.

Mpath life Manual Therapy System promotes the releasing and unblocking of both the physical and energetic pathways, that exist within your body.

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  • Abington, Northampton. England.


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Had one treatment to see if it was for me. I had an on going problem with my neck & shoulders, Joseph explained what he was going to do. After the first treatment it showed a great improvement, so I booked 3 more treatments. Thank you joseph.

Ray - Northampton

I just want to say a massive thank you Joseph for my treatment this evening. I feel much less stressed and my body more relaxed. Magic xx.

Dona - Northampton

Thank you for your time today. The treatment was awesome and I feel great..

Emma - Northampton

Healthcare professional


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Mpath Info

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  • Abington, Northampton. England.

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